Topology Eyewear

Glasses for every one face,
not everyone’s face.

It was so much fun working with Topology Eyewear early this year for their massive rebrand! I love what this company stands for – inclusivity, bespoke design and just pure delight.

Topology Eyewear uses an impressive software through their app to scan your face and take its actual measurements to create a totally custom pair of glasses for you. They’ll even send you a prototype of your frames before you purchase them. Here’s the crazy thing — they’re pretty comparable in price to what you’d spend through your optometrist!

Click on the links above to check out their site & keep on scrolling to see what we were able to create together! Shout out to Paul Tuller for the expressive line work drawing on top of the images!


Client // Topology Eyewear

Hair + Makeup // Beauty by Lia

Line Drawing // Paul Tuller

Assistant // Zoe Larkin

Photos // Jess Onesto

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